What is a Home Stylist?

By sharon-leach June 20, 2024

While everyone is familiar with home decorators or designers, the role of a home stylist might be less well-known. However, a home stylist offers a unique service that goes beyond mere aesthetics, transforming your living space from ordinary to extraordinary. A professional home stylist collaborates with you on both aesthetic and functional enhancements, aiming to create a more beautiful and lifestyle-enhancing home environment.

A professional home stylist begins by understanding your personality and goals for your home. They may use style books to spark conversation and ideas. Afterward, they will tour your space, taking a mental inventory of your existing d├ęcor and furniture. The goal is to enhance your environment without losing your personal touch, incorporating everything from family heirlooms to treasured mementos.

Home stylists can assist with space optimization, decluttering, building storage, or redecorating entire rooms. They are particularly suited for smaller projects, like a powder room makeover or a new closet storage system. Their design advice can elevate any do-it-yourself project to a professional level.

Well-versed in the latest trends, home stylists work with you to integrate contemporary concepts into designs that match your unique tastes. By learning your preferences first, they remove the guesswork from making changes. They also have recommendations for craftsmen and contractors who can bring your vision to life.

By utilizing the items you already own, a home stylist offers a cost-effective way to update your home, ensuring it remains a reflection of your personality.