Spruce Up Your Backyard

By sharon-leach May 31, 2024

With the warmer weather on the horizon, it is natural to turn your attention to the backyard. The backyard has become central to the modern lifestyle and a functioning extension of the home. If you’ve been staring longingly at the latest home magazine display of the “perfect” backyard, your own may seem lacking. The good news is that with simple projects and a little cash and elbow grease, you can add interest and function to any yard.

  • Add Visual Interest – The first and easiest change is to add some interest; something that grabs the eye. This can be a simple fountain or a bright planter. Consider varying shapes and sizes as well.
  • Create New Spaces – Use simple, and inexpensive, materials to carve out a new space. Lumber can be stacked to create a raised surface for a couch or chair or arrange gravel in a section of the yard for a small bistro dining set.
  • Build a Planter – Buy a pre-made raised planter or container and add some bright seasonal flowers. Another idea is to use blocks to build your own. Stand-up planters filled with herbs or vegetables can also be placed to create a sense of well-being.

The key to an interesting and functional backyard is not the dollars but the way you use the space. By adding interesting features, spaces, and colors, you will build a yard that is inviting to guests and family alike.