Preparing Your Home for the Spring Season

By sharon-leach April 10, 2024

Spring is here, making it the perfect time to spruce up your home! While winter has kept us indoors, spring invites us outside to enjoy the fresh air. Here are some tips to get your home’s exterior ready for the upcoming season:

  1. Check for Winter Damage: Cold weather can cause wear and tear, so inspect your property for any issues like gaps, loose shingles, debris in gutters, or cracks in outdoor fixtures. Fixing these now ensures your home is in top shape for spring.

  2. Declutter and Organize: Don’t limit spring cleaning to indoors. Tidy up your garage, shed, and outdoor storage areas. Clear out debris, organize tools, and arrange gardening equipment for easy access.

  3. Revitalize Your Garden: Get your garden ready for blooming by removing winter coverings, weeding, pruning damaged branches, and fertilizing the soil. Plan your planting schedule using resources like the Farmer’s Almanac for a vibrant garden all season.

  4. Prepare Your Patio: A clean patio is perfect for spring gatherings. Use a pressure washer to freshen surfaces, clean and update furniture, and add new elements like cushions or lights for a welcoming space.

  5. Enhance Your Front Porch: Give your front porch a makeover with a new paint color, updated hardware, greenery, or visible house numbers. These small changes can boost your home’s curb appeal.

Taking these steps now will help you make the most of spring and enjoy your outdoor spaces to the fullest.